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Residential, Commercial, Industrial Foundation and Masonry Repairs

When the exterior of your home or business begins to crumble and leak, depend on Abba Construction in Brantford for foundation and masonry repairs that match the authentic look of your structure. We started our business in 1976 and for over 40 years we have served Brantford and the surrounding areas. Specializing in foundation repairs, Abba Construction gives you professional workmanship in the repair and replacement of:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Block
  • Brick

Pargeting, Waterproofing and Industrial Door Cut-Outs

Prevent further water damage to your home or business, with expert waterproofing from Abba Construction. You can trust our waterproofing membranes to seal your foundation and parget cement plaster that waterproofs your masonry with an attractive outer coating. Plus, ask Abba Construction about our precise door cut-outs for industrial and business masonry walls.

Call Us for Structural Work

In addition to masonry work we are experts in structural work such as columns, piers, and nuts. We can help shore up a sagging foundation safely and efficiently and reinforce the structure of your home. We also can repair, restore, or rebuild your chimney.

Expect Courteous, Punctual and Professional Service

Clean-up on your site at the end of every work day guarantees safety and appearance. Our staff shows up on time so you can rely on us to finish your job without unnecessary delays. Contact us for friendly and courteous customer service and professional construction work.

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Solutions to restore and protect your property


  • Masonry repair
  • Foundation repair

Masonry & Waterproofing

Brantford’s foundation repair experts

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